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Cotton Blankets
We are very pleased to add a new range of cotton blankets to our website! Made of 100% cotton, our cellular blanket range is now available in 3 different sizes.
In White, Ivory and Stone we have 2 large cotton blanket sizes: 180x230cm to fit a double or queen bed and a very large 230x250cm to fit a king size bed.  These are beautiful classic colours often used in hotels. The light knit cellular weave makes the blanket very light while still warm.
In a much smaller baby range we have white, pink, blue, teal, cream and brown. Baby cellular blankets are particularly popular due to their lightweight and open weave means they are breathable.
  • qtplgyoiak says...

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    On November 10, 2020

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