Mr Mohair. You are a pretty fancy goat.

Mohair fancy Goat

So we have all heard of mohair blankets.....but truth be told, not many of us would know that mohair comes from goat fleece, not sheep. Fewer would know that mohair comes specifically from the Angora goat and even fewer would be able to spot an angora goat in a lineup! But how fancy and fabulous is the angora goat as you can see in the above picture?! So full of character, charm and beautiful ringlets of luxurious fibre.

The story of breeding angora goats for their fleece started thousands of years ago, high up in the Tibetan Himalayas and today, mohair is known to be one of the most sought after natural fibres. Its success comes from the fibres' natural warmth, lustre and its ability to hold the most vivid of colours when dyed.  

In South Africa, we have been farming Angora goats for over 200 years! With all this experience, we have earned our stripes in the international community and our Karoo Angora goats are now famous the world over for their high quality fleeces. The Karoo is a stark and beautiful landscape, known for extreme temperatures and semi-desert vegetation. Our resilient Angora goats thrive in the environment.

Hinterveld works with the angora farming community to create luxurious and beautiful mohair blankets. Blankets and Weaves is now stocking their bright and vivid range of mohair blankets in a blend of 72% Mohair; 20% Wool; 8% Nylon. The range includes incredibly vivid colour combinations you simply cannot miss out on.

Find the full Hinterveld range here


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