Did you know about South Africa's Rich Culture of Blankets?

We all love to snuggle up with a blanket because we're cold (or the blanket is just so beautiful!). But do you know how significant the simple blanket really is in many South African cultures? In both South Africa and Lesotho, blankets mean more than just keeping you warm.  It can be said that all the stages of life can be marked and celebrated with the gift of a blanket. From the arrival of a newborn, to a boy entering manhood (Abakwetha or initiation), wedding ceremonies and even laying someone to rest.... blankets play a pivotal role in honouring the traditions.  Blankets are given as newborn gifts, wedding gifts, initiation gifts, birthday gifts and christmas gifts, even mothers and fathers day gifts! Watch this space as we tell the stories about some of our genuine Xhosa Blankets and Basotho Blankets.

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