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We had an exciting week teaming up with the fabulous and famous Marcia Margolius from SA Decor and Design and Sanders South Africa as part of the #inbedwithbloggers campaign. The campaign, designed by Sanders, invites the top South Africa design and decor bloggers to take a turn at creating a master shop window at the Sanders showroom in Salt River. We follow on from Misi Overturf (B Things) and House and Leisure - both very tough acts to follow!

Blankets and Weaves pulled in the genius styling of Dylan Thomaz who managed to find a way to bring all our bright and bold blankets together! The final outcome was an eclectic, traditional finish, showcasing our beautiful blankets. We started with gorgeous basics from Sanders - crisp cottons, soft pillows and duvet and lovely sophisticated scatters.  From our blankets, see if you can spot our black and white Nguni, sexy purple leopard print, Cate, playful Annabelle, sophisticated Blake, luscious Alicia, pretty pink Ariana and two of our Xhosa blankets - the Abakwetha and Ingcawe. I don't think many people have ever managed to get so many blankets into one room and it still look so beautiful! 

The Blankets and Weaves scene is up until mid August, so pop down if you are in the area and take a look!


Blankets and Weaves #inbedwithbloggers


Blankets and Weaves SA Decor and Design



Yesterday Blankets and Weaves teamed up with Sanders South Africa and SA Decor and Design to create a show stopping...

Posted by Blankets and Weaves on Wednesday, 8 July 2015

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