Celebrating Nelson Mandela Day. Celebrating Xhosa Blankets. Only R267 for 4 days!

Nelson Mandela Day Xhosa Blanket Offer

With Mandela Day this weekend, we thought what better way to celebrate, than to share in some Xhosa culture.  Starting with these amazing Xhosa BLANKETS ...surprise! ;)

These striking blankets have a sacred and practical use, but are also special pieces of South African heritage that look beautiful in any home and add to the conversation.

All the white Xhosa blankets are being marked down from their already super low price of R280 to just R267 until the end of Monday 20th July. Plus we're giving the R13 difference from each blanket sold to the Nelson Mandela Foundation. So get shopping and take home your piece of Xhosa Culture.







More about the Abakwetha Blanket....

Nelson Mandela is, not so arguably,  the greatest man of our time. Some of you may have read Nelson Mandela's Long Walk to Freedom where he speaks about the actual moment that he became that man. Well at that very moment, Nelson Mandela was wearing his Abakwetha blanket....a very special and striking Xhosa blanket. 
Many Xhosa boys have also just returned from “the mountain” as men after the recent June Initiations. While these initiations often get a lot of bad press due to some of the poor practices and unhygienic conditions, the tradition itself is about learning to become a man. “Abakwetha” actually means a group of learners. The boys spend time away from their families being taught by the elders on the virtues and behaviours of strong men within their family units and in society.
During this time, the boys are adorned only in their Abakwetha blankets. These blankets are then burnt at the end of the transition to symbolize leaving boyhood behind and entering into manhood.


Thank you House and Leisure for sharing our Mandela Day celebrations. These are such special blankets.

Posted by Blankets and Weaves on Friday, 17 July 2015


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