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Corporate blankets




It's coming up to that time of year where businesses are starting to think about how best to celebrate their staff, partners, suppliers and customers. Blankets are an amazing way of thanking people. They are beautiful, special, and last a very long time! Plus there are only happy thoughts to be had when snuggling under a beautiful blanket. And that's how you want people to feel whenever they think of your company :)

At Blankets and Weaves we cater to all sorts of blanket needs including the manufacture of corporate blankets.  You can choose to either use an existing design from our website and simply give the blanket as a gift. (When you buy in bulk we discuss price benefits :)) OR you can choose to have blankets made up specifically for your brand.    We can make as many as you need and will chat to you in detail about your needs (blanket size, blanket fabric, colour, logo, quantity) to ensure you get the perfect corporate blanket, at the right price, within the right timeframe. 

So get in touch at and we look forward to working with you and your corporate blanket requirements.


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