Looking for a Unique Wedding Gift Idea?

Looking for a unique and special wedding present?

Sometimes it is fun to choose not to buy from the wedding registry but rather to find a wedding present that is unique, special and meaningful. Those are the wedding gifts that the bride and groom will remember the most. At Blankets and Weaves we specialise in blankets woven with stories and that carry beautiful messages.

Black and White Nguni blanket  Purple and Cream Nguni Blanket

Our Luxury Nguni blankets are perfect wedding gifts. The beautiful Nguni cow plays a central role in many tribes in South Africa. Not only do they sustain life, provide health, prosperity and purpose, but they are also known for their fertility and resistance to hardship. During marriage they are often the currency for "Lobola" or Dowry payments. The Nguni blanket is a perfect gift that is not only beautiful and warm, but also reflects the rich significance of the Nguni cow at the time of marriage. Just like the Nguni cow, this blanket is given with wishes of strength, health, fertility and prosperity.

Our Nguni Blanket comes in striking Black and White and also in Royal Purple and Amasi Cream.

Our Basotho blankets also make unusual wedding gifts. Made of pure virgin wool, these blankets will become heirlooms for the bride and groom. With designs that have not changed in over 100 years, these blankets already tell a story of loyalty. Each blanket carries with it unique stories.

Fertility Blanket

In particular the Seana Marena “Poone” design or corn design is most well known amongst newly married Sotho people as the blanket of marriage. Fertile land brings a harvest of corn. Corn is a hardy crop, strong and adaptable and brings life, health and prosperity. These are beautiful wishes to give to a new bride and groom – wishing them strength, fertility, health, wealth and adaptability.

Other blankets also offer interesting wedding present ideas.


The Basotho Blanket “Heart of the King” provides a message of love and loyalty. The Xhosa Cultural Blanket is often worn during wedding ceremonies.

So perhaps, next time, choose a meaningful wedding gift idea and surprise the newly weds with a wedding blanket they will cherish.

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