The Stripes of a Lesotho Blanket

The stripes in Lesotho Blankets today look beautiful and add such an intriguing, uniqueness to the blankets. Often in completely contrasting colours to the rest of the blanket, they are part of what makes the blankets so special. But did you know they weren't even meant to be on the blankets?! It was originally a manufacturing mistake!  But after the first batch of blankets hit the market, people actually loved the stripes and so market demand dictated that they stay. 

The stripes have now become part of the story and actually form an important component of the way a blanket is worn and used. The stripes must always run vertically. This is to symbolize a person's growth like a tree.  This applies even to how you lay your Basotho blanket on your bed and it is considered bad luck to have your stripes running the wrong way.

So here is what it should NOT look like!Basotho Blankets stripes incorrect


And this is how a Basotho Blanket SHOULD look on your bed.....

Basotho Blanket Stripes Correct



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