How to Wash a Blanket

How to wash a blanket

While we all love and cherish our gorgeous blankets, sometimes you can't resist the odd tea and toast in bed....and when little bear wants in on the action, there could be a tea and toast tornado.

Fear not, blankets are easy enough to clean and most can go into the washing machine. Most washing machines these days come with a variety of cycles including gentle and bulky wash.

Always read the instructions on your blanket or our website first before washing.

The following instructions apply to all pure wool Basotho Blankets and our Luxury Acrylic blankets -  Virgin Acrylic, Microfibre, throws, cotton blankets and Xhosa blankets:

  • Wash separately with like colours
  • 30 degree cool, gentle wash
  • Do not bleach
  • Can be dry cleaned
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Keep away from fire

 For the Hinterveld Mohair and Alpaca Blankets

  • Luke warm wash
  • Rinse by hand only
  • Flat dry
  • Can be dry cleaned
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