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Custom designed or branded blankets are brilliant ideas for events and marketing. They make wonderful products that you can sell as part of a special campaign, or as gifts for customers, suppliers, staff. You could even make them prizes as part of a competition! Highly prized, blankets are a wonderfully effective way of reaching out to the right audience with a lasting take-away.

At Blankets and Weaves, we manufacture custom designed blankets or branded blankets. There are a few things that you need to consider as part of your thinking when buying custom designed blankets. As with every industry, there are a few important bits of information that will help you decide about your design.

Minimum order Quantities

This depends on the size of blanket but can start from as little as 40! This means blankets as marketing ideas are accessible to every company - large or small!


At Blankets and Weaves we can dye our yarn to an exact colour requirement that you have. So if you have very strict brand guidelines - we can help you! We do require significant volumes to ensure that the process is efficient and that we can get you a good price per blanket.  You're looking at about 400 blankets as the minimum order quantity for a larger size bed blanket and about 900 if you are just wanting smaller throws.  Of course this depends on whether it is one colour per blanket  or more. 

If you do not need so many then we suggest using a colour from our existing palette. We have generally always found that we can find a colour to suit our customers' needs. We can send you yarn colour samples too so you can be sure of what you are getting. 

Design and Pattern

All our blankets are woven - not printed. This means excellent quality blankets, made to last with patterns that will not fade. What this also means is that when you consider designs, you can have 1 or 2 colours per line. You can get very creative with this or you can choose to embrace the simplicity. Either way we will help you - even where the original brand is multicoloured, we have found acceptable ways to produce fantastic blankets without compromising the integrity of the brand. Take a look at these images to see how 2 colours per line can be used creatively.



Front and Reverse

As mentioned above, our blankets are woven. This means that the back is a complete mirror opposite of the front.  So if you have a blue logo on a white background on the front, the reverse will be a white logo on a blue background.  It also means that words will read back to front on the reverse side.  We have worked out many designs that embrace this key component to a wonderful advantage - creating 1 blanket that feels like 2! Double the value!

Take a look at these images that show the front and reverse of the same blanket.

Front of Custom Blanket   Reverse of Custom Blanket


Read more on all that WE need to know from you!

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  • Sbu says...

    Hi I need a Price for Church Blunket that is personalized with a church Logo, Can you please Specify to me how and how much for 50 cause its the first time that i will introduce this to the church

    On July 05, 2016

  • Yolandi du Plessis says...

    Hi, I would like to have blankets branded with our company logo on, please advise on procedure?

    Many thanks

    On June 16, 2016

  • Simpson says...

    How do you get started ,designing your own blanket ? I am interested …

    On April 19, 2016

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