All WE Need to Know About Your Custom Blankets!

Everything WE need to know when you order blankets


Recently we posted an article on all YOU need to know about when you are considering custom designed blankets for an event, promotion, competition or give-away. 

This post follows up with everything WE need to know :)

Here we list all the questions that we will need to ask in order to produce the exact blankets that will be perfect for your requirements.

  1. How many do you need?
  2. By when do you need them?
  3. What size are the blankets? (width by height in cm)
  4. What are you using them for?
  5. Do you have artwork already or do you need us to help you with that?
  6. If the answer to the above is "We need help" then please provide a basic brief of your requirements including - final use of the blankets, objective of the blanket, colours required, branding, any specific imagery or message you are trying to convey. Eg you would say "We are giving these blankets away to our top customers. They are part of a new loyalty programme we are launching. We need colours of red and white, with our logo - quite small and the new slogan for our programme."
  7. Would you prefer round corners or square? 
  8. Will you require us to arrange delivery or will you arrange collection?
  9. If you need delivery, where do you need them delivered to?
  10. How do you want each blanket packaged? In a clear zip bag or only folded?
  11. How do you want the total order delivered? Bales or Boxes

Based on all the above we will then come back to you with recommendations for quality of fabric, design suggestions, options that we can adjust to come within a budget or timing restriction and of course give you important answers on timing and costs.


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