15 Reasons to Design Your Own Blanket!

Reasons to Design your own Blanket

Here at Blankets and Weaves we LOVE blankets. Obviously! One of the things we love doing most is helping customers design their own blankets! There are plenty of reasons that people do this, so we thought we'd list some for you below. Have you ever thought of designing your own blanket? Maybe we can give you a reason to!

15 Reasons to Make your Own Blanket


  1. You have an event coming up and want to give all your guests a special blanket.
  2. You are running a competition and need some prizes!
  3. You want to make some money by selling some beautiful blankets with your unique design or brand on.
  4. You are involved in a charity organisation and would like to donate blankets with your brand on.
  5. Your company would like to show their gratitude to staff or suppliers.
  6. You have a company picnic coming up and want to really set the scene with beautiful blankets!
  7. You own a restaurant and would like to offer patrons a warm knee blanket that isn't a boring single colour polar fleece!
  8. You work at a hotel or lodge and want unique blankets for your guests during their stay - and that they can buy as a keepsake!
  9. You work on a game farm and would prefer beautiful branded blankets for the open top vehicles!
  10. You have a wedding coming up and are looking for a unique gift for your guests.
  11. Your church would like to raise money for charities.
  12. Your club would like some memorabilia.
  13. Your school has created a range of clothing and accessories and blankets would be a super fit.
  14. You have a big family and want everyone to enjoy the same blanket and feel part of the family.
  15. You own a store and would like to give a free gift with certain purchases - blankets are ideal!


Sho! There are so many reasons to make your own blanket! Can you think of any others?


 (plus keep watching to see articles coming soon: "What you need to know" and "What We need to know!" when creating a custom made blanket)


  • sares says...

    this is an excellent idea, and i want to design my own.

    On April 20, 2016

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