Special Offer! Blankets for only R389!

We're marking down some of our most popular luxury blankets for a limited time only!  Each of these supersoft, top quality micrfibre acrylic queen size blankets is usually priced at R489. Now they are only R389!! Valid only until 10 Dec 2015 or until stocks last.        

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Brand New Kiddies Blanket Range

Here at Blankets and Weaves we are so pleased to announce the arrival of our brand new range of blankets for children.  All the blankets are made of the finest, softest microfibre - only the best for our babes!  Yet, they are easily washable and come packaged in a neat zip plastic bag.  We have 2 beautiful, reversible blankets for girls.  First up "Little Ducks" where mama duck takes her babies for a waddle among the stars, flowers and hearts.        Then we have "Child of the Sun" girls blanket. Made of all the sweetest things that make up little...

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Cape Town Open Design Market

Blankets and Weaves participated in the Cape Town Open Design Market at the City Hall over the weekend. It was an excellent day - surrounded by like minded, proudly South African designers. Our stand featured our full range of designer blankets, genuine Basotho blankets and Xhosa blankets.    

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The Lovely Blanket Blog

  Welcome to the Lovely Blanket Blog! This is a space where we can chat, wrapped up in our blankets, sharing a cup of tea. :) We'll chat about all types of blankets, blanket culture, blanket history, blanket design, and blanket trends.  We hope to get your feedback too. You can tell us which kind of blankets you love the most, what you want to see more of, you can even share your blanket stories!

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We Love Blankets!

Yep, we just love blankets! Beautiful, soft and warm, all of our blankets are made of top quality materials that are made to last. Our designer blankets, Basotho blankets, Xhosa blankets, Kids blankets and throws have strikingly good looks, are strong and warm...wait, are we still talking about blankets? ;)