Art by Paint Samples!

Paint samples can be found at almost any hardware store and can make for the most beautiful projects around the home. Have a read of this beautiful project from the Water Earth Wind Fire Blog They use a butterfly paper punch to get this done really easily. You can find these punches at most PNA stores, kids shops or packing/craft shops.  (Merry Pack in Pinelands Cape Town is great for this stuff). And if the punch is a bit pricey and you have the time....just cut them all out! So here it is:   We used the paint samples you...

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Much Ado About Wine Corks

We love a good craft project! Here are some fantastic ideas of how to recycle all your wine corks..... Turn wine corks into keychains.   Wine cork keychains from Cleverly Inspired   Create a bulletin board with wine corks.   Framed wine cork bulletin board from Simply Em    Make hot plate holders from wine corks.   Wine cork trivet from Crafty Nest Use wine corks as herb garden markers.   Wine cork herb garden markers from Shine your Light

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We Love Blankets!

Yep, we just love blankets! Beautiful, soft and warm, all of our blankets are made of top quality materials that are made to last. Our designer blankets, Basotho blankets, Xhosa blankets, Kids blankets and throws have strikingly good looks, are strong and warm...wait, are we still talking about blankets? ;)