Prince Harry Loves Lesotho

Prince Harry has certainly taken after his mother, the late Princess Dianna. He is passionate about helping people, in particular children and one of his charities closest to his heart is in Lesotho! In 2004 Prince Harry took a year off after school to travel the world. At just 19 he traveled to Australia, Argentina, Botswana and Lesotho - with Lesotho having had the greatest impact on him after he spent 2 months living and working there.  Prince Seesio was his guide during his time spent in Lesotho and together the pair teamed up to try and tackle the extreme...

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A Little Lesotho Love Story. Part 3.

The secret language of the Lesotho Blanket How a blanket is worn can tell you a story about a person...their gender, age, family status even wealth. It is the secret language of Lesotho blankets. Women and men wear their blankets differently. Men will knot their blanket over their shoulder. They can use a pin, but then they try to make sure it is not visible. Women, wear the blanket pinned in the front. Historically, this allowed them to still easily work using their hands and to look after the children, even breastfeed. The woman generally takes great care to match...

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A Little Lesotho Love Story. Part 2.

Blankets are intricately woven into the fabric of the Lesotho culture. Every single milestone in a person and community's life is marked with the arrival of a new blanket. From conception to birth to becoming a man; marriage; parenthood, death and national events such as National Tree Planting Day or Independence Day, blankets are used to mark the occasion. (This man wears a SeanaMarena -Poone or Corn cob design) Part of the beauty of the Basotho Blankets is not only their beautiful colours and designs, but the stories and symbols that are associated with them. While not all blankets have...

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A Little Lesotho Love Story. Part 1.

  Synonymous with the nation of Lesotho, the beautiful Basotho Blankets are deeply woven into the history, culture and daily lives of the Lesotho people. Many people think that the blankets, seen at almost every turn in Lesotho, originated from and are made in Lesotho. They would be wrong...These blankets were introduced by the British back in the late 1800's. At the time, Lesotho was closely tied to Britain, as they were under protection of the British empire. With the increase of European influence, some exceptionally cold winters and the scourge of the 1897 rinderpest, local tribes were finding alternative sources...

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