The Story of Lobola

  The practice of paying "Lobola" (or Lobolo) as part of the marriage process is a tradition in many South African cultures including Xhosa, Zula, Swazi and Ndebele. Lobola is essentially the "bride price" that the prospective groom must pay to the bride's family in order to enter into marriage. For centuries cattle has formed the primary currency of Lobola but more recently, cash plays a significant role. However, often, even the cash amount is tendered by way of establishing the price of a cow and how many cows would have been given.  Other gifts are also formally requested and agreed...

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We're honouring Women's Day with the launch of our sexiest blanket yet....

Women's Day is about celebrating all the strength and beauty women possess; honouring our cultures and traditions and empowering us to take on the future and leave our mark. It is the perfect occasion to launch our newest blanket. She is the vivacious sister to our black and white Nguni; Rich, royal purple and amasi cream...Meet our Purple and Cream Nguni Blanket! Luxuriously soft and made of the finest acrylic, she is bold, sexy and vibrant. She honours our past and our traditions but makes a statement and claims her independence.   The Luxury Purple and Cream Nguni Blanket is only for R459....

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We Love Blankets!

Yep, we just love blankets! Beautiful, soft and warm, all of our blankets are made of top quality materials that are made to last. Our designer blankets, Basotho blankets, Xhosa blankets, Kids blankets and throws have strikingly good looks, are strong and warm...wait, are we still talking about blankets? ;)