The Story of the Abakwetha Blanket

Mandela day is just around the corner so we decided to tell the story of some of the great Xhosa traditions. One of our most special cultural blankets is the Xhosa Abakwetha Blanket - the striking white blanket with the red stripes, so what better way than to start with sharing the rich cultural history of this beautiful blanket. Young Xhosa men from the age of 17 are eligible for Initiation or "Ulwaluko". The group of initiates are called "Abakwetha" which means a "group of learning". During the time of initiation, which can be anything from 1 to 3 months, the young...

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#inbedwithbloggers Blankets and Weaves, Marcia Margolius and Sanders South Africa

  We had an exciting week teaming up with the fabulous and famous Marcia Margolius from SA Decor and Design and Sanders South Africa as part of the #inbedwithbloggers campaign. The campaign, designed by Sanders, invites the top South Africa design and decor bloggers to take a turn at creating a master shop window at the Sanders showroom in Salt River. We follow on from Misi Overturf (B Things) and House and Leisure - both very tough acts to follow! Blankets and Weaves pulled in the genius styling of Dylan Thomaz who managed to find a way to bring all our...

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Lovely Blankets Everywhere

This week blankets have been shipped all around the world! Blankets and Weaves blankets have gone to the big apple, New York,  London, Durban, Gauteng, Hout Bay and even Koster in the North West Province. We even had a lovely story from a gentleman in New York who was buying his niece a Basotho Blanket for her wedding gift. He and his wife had worked in Lesotho in the late 1980's so remembered the beauty and significance of the Basotho Blanket as a gift for a couple getting married. But Shhhhh! It's a surprise :) We ship blankets to anywhere...

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Did you know about South Africa's Rich Culture of Blankets?

We all love to snuggle up with a blanket because we're cold (or the blanket is just so beautiful!). But do you know how significant the simple blanket really is in many South African cultures? In both South Africa and Lesotho, blankets mean more than just keeping you warm.  It can be said that all the stages of life can be marked and celebrated with the gift of a blanket. From the arrival of a newborn, to a boy entering manhood (Abakwetha or initiation), wedding ceremonies and even laying someone to rest.... blankets play a pivotal role in honouring the traditions.  Blankets...

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The Lovely Blanket Blog

  Welcome to the Lovely Blanket Blog! This is a space where we can chat, wrapped up in our blankets, sharing a cup of tea. :) We'll chat about all types of blankets, blanket culture, blanket history, blanket design, and blanket trends.  We hope to get your feedback too. You can tell us which kind of blankets you love the most, what you want to see more of, you can even share your blanket stories!

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