How to choose the right baby blanket

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Whether you are an expecting mum, the proud recipient of a brand new bundle of joy or purchasing a gift for a baby shower, choosing the right baby blanket is a lot more complicated than simply picking up the cheapest item off the shelf at your nearest supermarket. 

Tiny babies spend a lot of time sleeping and the right baby blanket provides them with comfort and security they need during these first few months out in the big wide world. 


Pick the right material

The first step in choosing the perfect baby blanket comes with picking the right material. You want your baby blanket to be gentle on the skin, not causing any irritation or leading to potential rashes. You also want the material to be breathable so avoid anything that is synthetic. Ensure that the blanket is not too heavy or big or you could end up smothering the child and also make sure there are no large holes where they could get their limbs stuck. A 100% organic cotton blanket is normally the best choice and if you can choose a cellular knit pattern then this is even better.

Picking the right size baby blanket

As we have just mentioned, you want to ensure that you don't get a baby blanket that is too big. Not only could this lead to a tragic situation but an oversized blanket will be unwieldy when picking up a small child. If you have a bed or chair in your nursery you want to cover with a bigger blanket, perhaps for yourself or when you are lying with your baby, then opt for a large blanket in the same cotton cellular knit material solely for that purpose. The perfect size for your day to day baby blanket is about 85cm x 110cm.

Be practical in your choices

It is important to be practical when picking out your baby blanket. While bows, tassels, and fringes may look pretty they can be dangerous as your baby could choke or end up getting their fingers and toes stuck in these decorations. While a plain bright white baby blanket may sound boring, it is extremely practical as it is easy to wash or you can even use a safe baby-friendly bleach to get rid of tough stains. One top tip is also to stock up on a number of baby blankets, that way you can just throw one, or two, in the wash and still have a clean one on hand when you need it.

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