Our favourite blankets for 2019

2019 is just around the corner and what better time to spruce up your home with some new design elements? Bring some light and love into your house in the new year with bright, bold colours and warm, soft fabrics. In order to help get you started, here is our pick of our best blankets for 2019:


Forrest Winter Luxury Blanket

Forest Nature Blanket

With a fading colour effect that gently changes from an alluring green to an olive grey, this gorgeous blanket brings the hues of the indoors in. This lush blanket will add a pop of colour to your home in 2019, while still exuding an air of understated luxury.

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Rachel Luxury Blanket

Luxury Blanket Grey

With bold colours of grey and charcoal, this gorgeous blanket is feminine yet powerful and will suit any design style. The unique design is reversible so you can choose a look that best fits your personality and home.

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Elegant Xhosa Cultural Blanket

Xhosa Blanket Pink

Our sought after elegant Xhosa blanket comes in a stunning cream and pink blanket that adds a touch of beauty to any room. At a square 170cmx170cm, this blanket is perfect for keeping knees or shoulders warm on chilly days. It's a fashion accessory and a beautiful home decor item, all in one! 

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Blossom Azure Luxury Blanket

Blossom Blanket Blue

With delicate designs of blossoms in magical hues of royal blue, aquamarine and sky blue, this blanket's eye-catching colours will brighten up your home in 2019. Offering an unsurpassed level of luxury and comfort, not only does this blanket look good but she'll last you a lifetime!

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Molly Luxury Blanket

Luxury Black and White Blanket

Adding the perfect level of sophistication and playfulness to any room in your home, this blanket is elegant but with a funky square pattern. Suitable for men and women, the blanket is totally reversible so you can choose between a black look with white detailing or white blanket and black detailing depending on your mood!

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Umbhalo Ndebele Heritage Blanket

Ndebele Blanket

This vibrant blanket with its bold colours can also be used to brighten up your home. You can't help but smile when you see these stunning colours and with this wrapped snug around you, you will be forever happy!

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