Reasons to buy Mohair

When choosing a luxurious blanket or throw for your home, there are a variety of fabric choices at your fingertips. Natural fibres are generally our first choice and one of our absolute favourites is Mohair, find out why here:

Proudly South African Mohair Blankets

The Mohair blankets we sell at Blankets and Weaves are crafted in South Africa by a family owned business that has been around since 1951. They use only the finest sustainable fibres and through timeless processes, generations of knowledge and the latest technology, provide a product that stands out as a leader in the industry!


Superior Quality Blankets

The fibres that make up our Mohair blankets are combed and washed in such a way that the natural character is not compromised. Unlike other blankets which are mass manufactured, these are delicately put together and handled with care. This results in a fabric that has a superior quality and that holds the colour, no matter which style you choose. 


Soft To The Touch

Compared to our natural and synthentic fibres, nothing beats Mohair when it comes to being soft to the touch. Often blended with wool and alpaca, Mohair blankets, hold their shape and are not scratchy against the skin. If you are looking for the ideal throw to snuggle with on the couch or to provide an extra layer on chilly nights, you can't go wrong with Mohair.


And now, its more affordable than ever!

Our final reason to buy Mohair is that it's now more affordable than ever! Previously, that beautiful Mohair blanket may have just been a dream, but it can now be a reality, draped over your couch or bed, keeping you warm in gorgeous comfort. That is because Blankets and Weaves is making Mohair obtainable to all with our "Spoil Yourself Sale". Simply use the code "SPOILYOU2019" on checkout and get a fantastic discount on all your Mohair purchases before the end of March 2019!

Mohair Blankets

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