How to choose the right baby blanket

Important things to consider when picking out the perfect baby blanket.
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The stories behind our Basotho blankets

Our beautiful cultural blankets are a favourite among our customers. Basotho culture is steeped in the rich history of beautiful blanket designs used for every occasion from birth to manhood and marriage. The blankets we sell showcase the authentic designs of these stunning blankets which are made of an exceptionally high quality using only the finest wool and dralon mix. However, these stunning blankets provide more than just exquisite designs. Each blanket also boasts an interesting and exquisite story that is at the heart of the Basotho culture. Here are just a few of those stories:   The "Lehlako" or...

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We Love Blankets!

Yep, we just love blankets! Beautiful, soft and warm, all of our blankets are made of top quality materials that are made to last. Our designer blankets, Basotho blankets, Xhosa blankets, Kids blankets and throws have strikingly good looks, are strong and warm...wait, are we still talking about blankets? ;)