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Whether you are shopping for wedding gifts, birthday gifts, initiation gifts, baby blankets or even house-warming gifts - you can find the perfect blanket for every occasion right here. 

Need a unique wedding gift idea? How about the striking Nguni Blanket that reflects the traditional lobola payment, fertility, health and prosperity. Or the Seana Marena corn cob Basotho Blanket that also symbolizes fertility, health and wealth. 

Going to a baby shower? Need a baby blanket?! Perhaps the Badges of the Brave Basotho blanket that is given with wishes of courage and bravery. The Xhosa Cultural Blanket is used for Imbeleko - a tradition of introducing a baby to their ancestors. And of course our famous African Proverb Baby Blanket Maybe mom even needs a good blanket to keep her warm too ... Annabelle is perfect.

We've put together some great gift ideas below to help you find the perfect blanket for your loved one.

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We Love Blankets!

Yep, we just love blankets! Beautiful, soft and warm, all of our blankets are made of top quality materials that are made to last. Our designer blankets, Basotho blankets, Xhosa blankets, Kids blankets and throws have strikingly good looks, are strong and warm...wait, are we still talking about blankets? ;)